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DJI Phantom 3 Review: One of the greatest Drones You’ll Ever Fly

phantom 3 advanced and professional
DJI Phantom 3 ProfessionalThere are numerous various drones out there, but one of the best would be the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Perfect for 4K ultra-high definition video, this drone also delivers live streams video to iOS and Android devices to ensure the pilot can easily see just what the drone is seeing. The really unique benefit with this type of model is definitely the presence of Vision Positioning system, which allows for stable and predictable flight each time a GPS signal isn’t obtainable. Of course outside with GPS reception, this drone is able to do automatic landings and takeoffs and built-in programming of no-fly zones. A DJI Phantom 3 review wouldn’t be complete without mention of intuitive controls and stability during flight.

The Pro
DJI Phantom 3 ControllerThe DJI Phantom 3 drone has a lot going for it. Firstly, the mobile device holder, for the phone or tablet to control the unit, is included with the initial order. As commercialized, this model handles fabulously, hovers perfectly, and delivers some spectacular 4K UHD footage. The 720p live stream from the camera towards the device was clear and very helpful in controlling the 3-axis camera. Altogether this drone delivered some really impressive results in the air.

As soon as the app is installed on the mobile device, synchronizing with the drone and getting into the air takes only a few minutes. The battery permits longer flights, and since video is recorded to a Micro SD card, obtaining footage processed is a snap. Because of the higher resolution, most people are going to want to maximize the size of the card to 64GB. Plus every DJI Phantom 3 review must state the 12-megapixel still pictures the unit is capable of taking given that they provide several extremely incredible images as well.

The Con
There is no problem with the DJI Phantom 3, besides the cost. Like the other unmanned aerial vehicles available on the market, this product is not a toy. Since the cost with this unit outpaces twelve-hundred bucks, anyone considering a purchase may be aware that this is a tool. The tool is perfect for premium quality video production and getting some truly amazing shots. Once you get beyond the price tag though, there really is very little bad things to say about it drone. It gives in every aspect of performance and use. DJI has delivered on this particular quadcopter.

The Decision
DJI Advanced and ProfessionalThe DJI Phantom 3 is really a professional drone that should be in the arsenal of any serious hobbyist or video production company. The user-friendly performance is miles above many of the lower priced models many drone pilots learn on, and also the massive technical wizardry associated with this device underscore that point. This model is built to bring video from UAVs to the next level, and it succeeds in every way.


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