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Modern Drones – Parrot Bebop

What are Drones?
Now there is nothing like the older days, when a pilot used to operate an aircraft while sitting in it. In 21st century there is availability of modern/advanced aircrafts which can be operated by a pilot situated at ground. These aircrafts are known as “Drones”. There is a huge variety of drones available in market. Each drone has its own specific features, but “Bebop Drone” is on the top in the market of drone with camera. Bebop is latest and more advanced drone than parrot’s earlier released “AR Drone”.


Some major features of parrot bebop drone are discussed below:

Advance Technology
Bebop drone is loaded with fully advance technical features. As they are built with dual core CPU, which makes it’s processing lightning fast. These drones come with near about 8GB of flash memory to facilitate HD and lengthy video recordings.

GPS System
These drones are available with in-built Global Positioning System (GPS), which never let you to lose your bebop drone. In case of any accident, the emergency-mode gets activated and it automatically returns to the take-off point with the help of GPS for safe landing.

Bebop drone are portable as you can easily remove all its parts and pack them up for easy transport. Then reach your destination where you want to fly your drone or to make some recordings, just unpack the parts and assemble them to make it ready to fly. That’s it.


Amazingly Stable
When you are flying a drone, stability is the major factor for its control and it is quite necessary for a better video recording also. Parrot’s bebop no doubt is best in its quality for stability. To maintain its stability while flying bebop analyzes data from the following listed sensors:

  • 3 axes accelerometer
  • Magnetometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Ultrasound sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Vertical camera (Speed sensor)

14 Mega Pixels Camera
Bebop drone is loaded with 14 megapixels fisheye camera, which is really more than enough. It records 1080p video, leaving behind all other drones with camera. Also it provides the user to view at 180 degree angle, without any physical movement of the drone itself. So you can digitally take 180 degree view like looking towards clouds, sky and then towards the earth, the scenery, without even moving your drone.

Bebop drone by parrot is a little expansive than other drones with camera in market but all its amazing features collectively overcome the only drawback.

Now you can get Parrot Bebop for only $466.94.

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