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Modify Parrot’s AR Drone

AR drone by parrot is fully functional by default, and is successful in its every operation. But some people don’t satisfy with that, they want more power in their drone and some extra range to fly it. All this can be achieved by doing some modifications and replacing some of the parts of the drone. These modifications can make huge change in some of the main features of drone. Some commonly used modifications by users to enhance features of their drones are given below:

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Battery Upgrade
When you start flying your drone, then battery is the only power source for it. The default batter has sufficient time for a reasonable flight, but if you are not satisfied with that, then you can upgrade it with “Bastens LiPo Battery”. It has same size as that of the default one. It may increase your flight time by minimum 20 minutes.

Basic features of bastens lipo battery

  • 1300mAh
  • 3S1P
  • 3 Cell
  • 1v; Discharge
  • 15C Constant
  • 20C Burst

Charger Upgrade
As you reach your place where you want to fly your drone and make some videos with it, and at the same time your battery vanishes. Then you have to wait for hours to charge it again. This may ruin your mood and time. But don’t worry! A fast battery charger by bastens (“Bastens Fast LiPo Battery Charger”) is here. It may charge your battery in half time than your default charger and enables you to fly again and make some wonderful videos.

Radio Upgrade
The default range of the ar drone is very small. So you can fly it to a very limited distance/height. This is one of the major drawback of ar drone by parrot. But for drone lovers, we are here with radio upgrade, which may increases range of your parrot ar drone to a significant value, so that you can fly it to more heights and through long distance from you.

As the ar drone by parrot is a better choice for beginners to drones and for those people who don’t want to spend much on drones. But now times has changed and ar drone can be a choice for the drone lovers, who want full fledge features in their drone with more power, more flight height, more flight time and takes less time to charge. All these facilities can be availed in parrot’s ar drone by spending some reasonable money and your precious time.

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