Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Parrot AR Drone

Modern Drones – Parrot AR Drone
Flying a remote control helicopter is not that amusing like before. Nowadays there is availability of more advanced gadgets called “drones”. These drones are equipped with digital video cameras. These camera loaded drones attracts the photography lovers greatly. But video recording function of parrot’s “AR Drone”, widen its market. AR drone has created its space in market of drones with camera in very short span of time.


Some major features of parrot ar drone are discussed below:

Better Technology
AR drone is built with latest technical features and is now in its second generation (i.e. AR DRONE 2.0). Some more technical features are added to achieve the better accuracy up to +/- 2 meters. It comes with 4GB of flash memory to store stills and videos.

GPS System
Lost in your way? Don’t worry! GPS system is there to help you. In built GPS on your drone helps you to locate your drone on the global map, through which you can find your drone’s location, relative to yours. Thus you don’t need to fear about losing your drone as GPS is there to take care of that.

Flying Smart
AR drone has a number of improvements in its stability system, which makes it easy for the user easy to fly the drone. Parrot has worked harder to build autopilot system in their ar drones, so that they can remain stable in windy conditions or make safe landings by themselves. You can view your flight in 3D. A new “control by map” mode is added to ar drone, so that you can call your drone up to you by following the map.

AR FreeFlight
To fly ar drones you can use “AR.FreeFlight” application, which allows the pilot to switch between frontal camera and vertical camera. Through this application you can easily take pictures, record videos and instantly upload them.


720p Video Recording
With the parrot’s ar drone you can enjoy the video recording of 720p. AR drone also facilitates low latency live streaming of video on your smart phone, which is quite useful for common users. Its camera has 720p, 30fps, H264 encoding base profile for video recording. With the “Director Mode” you can program some automatic movements to your drone such that you can record some great videos like professionals.

Parrot’s AR drone is no doubt a value to money. Unlike other drones in market the ar drone has all the necessary features with sufficient quality standards and most important it is available at very affordable price. If you are new to drones you must try this.

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