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Drone Regulations

Drone Regulations Drones, which are also referred to as unmanned aircraft system has become more well-known on the web nowadays. However, this new technology has showed new argument in regards to the rules and regulation about drones. Even though there have been completely new drone regulation and rule, that have been put into place, there are still debates that it is too strict for them and might be an obstruction into the business world. According to the proposed framework of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), they're going to focus more on the innovations. Drone regulations should not simply transfer the [...]
Drone Use Safety and Regulation


Drones are unmanned remotely controlled flying vehicle that also can be used for certain work in addition to just having the ability to fly around. Regardless of whether larger or mini drones, a couple of criteria below will help you understand what is the best for you. Ease of Use (How easy is it to fly?) Dimensions (The very best drone in general isn’t the perfect mini drone, and the best mini drone isn’t the perfect micro drone - these things can get real small) Battery Life Safety (Many drones have soft external parts to avoid, say, a cracked TV [...]